Messaging Tutorial

Send a Message

More information about sending messages can be found here

  1. Make sure MQTT is connected before attempting to send a message
  2. Click ‘Send Message’
  3. Type topics using topic format found here. Type in a message in JSON format.
  4. Click ‘Send’
  5. There will be a success and new topic banner at the bottom left of the screen if the message has been successfully sent

Test Topic

  1. Choose the topic
  2. Click the subscribe button to activate publish
  3. Type a message and click ‘Publish’
  4. Message shoulld show up in ‘Received Messages’ and in the ‘Last Message’ section in Recent Topics

To unsubcribe, click ‘Unsubscribe’ by the topic.

Message History

  1. View Recent Topics
  2. Fetch Topic
  3. History Management

View Recent Topics

There will be a list of recent topics and the information of the last sent message for the topics. You can edit and delete topics and messages here to resend by clicking ‘View Message’.

Fetch Topic

A fast way for searching for a topic is using the fetch topic feature. Type in the topic you are looking for and its information will appear.

History Management

To enable ‘AutoDelete’ switch the toggle. This will let you set maximum disk usage, message expiration, and maximum number of stored message. Make sure to mark the boxes if you don’t want to set a certain feature.