Exceptional interopability is essential for IoT, and many aspects of IoT Software Systems must have features similar to that of middleware.

ClearBlade interoperates in a several ways:


We define an adapter as a piece of software that converts from one protocol to another, and we discern between two types:

  • Hardware-focused: Adapters that interact with hardware systems
  • Software-focused: Adapters that interact with software systems


Name Description Link
BACNet Connect to Building Automation and Control systems
MODBus (Lite) MODBus communication on constrained devices
MODBus (Full) Highly Performant MODBus Communication
CANBus Interact with CANBus systems
BLE (Lite) Connect to Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Devices from constrained devices
BLE (Full) Connect to Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Devices and send large scale messages
OPC Send and receive OPC messages from Platform or Edge
LoRa Send and receive LoRa messages
GPSd Interact with a gateway’s GPS Sensors
Monnit Stream sensor data from Monnit
Multitech GPIO Operate IO on Multitech LoRa gateways
Multitech GPIO/Serial Operate IO and read serial data


Name Description Link
MQTT Bridge Bridge ClearBlade’s MQTT Broker to another MQTT Broker, such as HiveMQ
ZeroMQ Connect to ZeroMQ Distributed Messaging Systems
Webhooks Process inbound Webhook messages in ClearBlade Platform
CoAP Send and receive messages using Constrained Application Protocol
AMQP Connect from MQTT to AMQP
AS400 Enables ClearBlade to communicate directly with RPG and DataQueues running on the System i (iSeries, AS400)


A webhook is a mechanism that allows third-party servers to send data to a code service. A public API endpoint that supports multiple HTTP methods is available.

DB Connectors

The following DB Connectors are supported:

Database Deployment Availability
PostgreSQL Cloud and On-Prem
MySQL Cloud and On-Prem
MongoDB Cloud and On-Prem
MongoDB_SRV Cloud and On-Prem
Oracle Cloud and On-Prem
Microsoft SQL Server Cloud and On-Prem
Cassandra Cloud and On-Prem
CouchDB Cloud and On-Prem
DB2_Linux On-Prem
DB2_zOS On-Prem
DB2_System_i On-Prem

Northbound Service Integrations

Complete software packages for integrations with software services. These are implemented using IoT Package Manager’s re-usable libraries.

Package Description Link
PowerBI Access Microsoft’s Business Intelligence Toolsets Link
GCloud BigQuery Access GCloud’s Big Data Tool, BigQuery Link
Salesforce Interact with Salesforce Services Link
Splunk Access monitoring services provided by Splunk Link
Google Voice and Vision Send voice and vision data for interpretation by Google Voice and Vision Link
Google Maps Access to Google Maps Geocoding Services Link
IDP Satellite Link Send and receive messages from satellite-connected assets Link
Twilio SMS Send and receive SMS messages from ClearBlade Link

Inbound API Integrations

We offer an OpenAPI Spec, which is supported by the Linux Foundation. This enables inbound integrations from a significant number of software services. See API Page for more details