External Databases

External databases allows the platform developer to integrate different database types with their IoT Platform application. It is recommended you recreate and access your external database connections using the new API. This is the 9.0.0 version of collection connections. Any new External Databases created must use the new ClearBlade.Database interface only. Connect Collections that were created before the 9.0.0 version are now External Databases and are able to use both the ClearBlade.Collection and ClearBlade.Database interface in the ClearBlade library.

To request integrations, please create a ticket at Support

Adding an External Database

Click + Add External Database and a modal should appear. Enter the information from the database that you will be using. Not all database types will have the same settings fields. The standard settings fields for all database types are Database Name, IP Address, Port, Username, and Password. Oracle, DB2_Linux, DB2_zOS, DB2_System_i, and Cassandra are currently only supported in on premise installations.

Example using MongoDB

Permissions are needed to execute operations in the external database terminal.

Viewing the terminal

There is a terminal available for your database commands and to execute operations against the connection. Results can be shown side-by-side with a JSON viewer when the ‘Show JSON?’ box is checked.

Deleting the external database

‘Delete External Database’ can be found under the terminal. Click ‘Confirm’ in the modal.