Device Tutorial


  1. Navigate to the devices page
  2. Click the ‘Add Device +’ button.
  3. Provide a name and type in the default fields, choose an authorization method and provide an active key which is analogous to a password. Note: Expand ‘More Fields’ to add more information
  4. Click ‘Create’
  5. Add roles to the device and click ‘Update Roles’. Authenticated is the default role

The device should show up in the collection.


  1. Go to the settings icon next to the name of the device and click Settings

  2. Notice you have the ability to update everything except the name. Make sure to click ‘Update’ to save the new settings.


  1. Delete the device by selecting the checkbox in front of the device that you want to delete and clicking on the Delete Row button.

  2. Click Confirm when the prompt appears

To disable a device: Uncheck next to the device but do not delete.

Edit Columns

  1. You can add some additional properties to your device by clicking on the Edit Columns button.

  2. This will add some properties as Columns to your Device table.

  3. You can see that the additional column has been added at the end of the columns list.


  1. Click the filter icon

  2. Set an attribute to filter on and then enter the appropriate values.

  3. Click ‘Filter’