A deployment is a configuration for one or more edges, instructing the edge which assets should be deployed and/or synchronized between platform and edge.

Learn how to add deployments here


When configuring Edges, it is often required to provide the Edge access to a subset of code services, data collections, and other assets. Establishing a minimum subset of assets to deploy and/or sync to Edge ensures optimum performance and network utilization.


Each asset can be configured with an action


Deploy - An asset is deployed from platform to edge when edge starts up.

Sync to Edge - An asset is deployed, and then any future change on Platform will be synced with ALL selected Edges .

Sync to Platform - An asset is deployed, and then any future change on an Edge will be synced with the platform only. The platform will sync this change to other edges ONLY IF Sync to Edge box is checked for the asset.


Each asset can be configured for all assets of a type, such as ‘All Collections’, or a subset of a assets, for example, “only the collection:CollectionA”

  • Code
  • Collections
  • Adapters
  • Portals
  • Roles
  • Users
  • Devices
  • Edges
  • Messages


Most common is configuration is to deploy code services, and sync to both Edge and platform for collections:

Asset Action
Code Deploy
Collections Sync to Edge, Sync to Platform


REST API endpoints are available to view the status of a deployment. There is also an endpoint to retry a failed sync.

The endpoints can be found here

Sync status can be viewed in ‘Notification History’. Learn more in the tutorial.