Collections Tutorial

Create a collection

By going into our IoT System and clicking collections we can view our different data stores.

To create a collection click the “Add Collection” button and provide a name,type and source of data and click create.

Add columns to collection

Its possible to alter the schema of the collection by clicking Edit Columns. With the dialog open we can add columns to it. Enter a one word column name, and select the corresponding data type from the dropdown. Click Done when finished.

Add items to collection

Now that schema is altered, lets add an item to the collection by clicking on the + add row button.

The new item has a unique item_id generated and the other columns are empty.We can then provide values for each item in the collection.To enter data into the row, click the cell corresponding to the row and column.

Viewing a Collection

User can use various filters to view data according to a desired criteria.


  1. Click the filter icon
  2. Select the column and the complete the filter criteria
  3. Click ‘Filter’ and now see the data according your rules.

To remove the filter, click the filter icon and choose “Clear All” and then reapply the filter.

Editing a Collection


Click “Delete Collection” and click Confirm when the prompt comes up.

View Details

Click on the gear next to the collection name and then click ‘Edit/View Details’

Remove an existing column

WARNING: Data will be permanently deleted.

Go to ‘Edit Columns’ and click on the trashcan next to the column you want to delete

Remove Data Column

Remove an existing data row

WARNING: Data will be permanently deleted. Click the checkmark icon to the left of the row that is to be deleted. Select “- Row” above the table display.

To delete all rows, click Delete all and confirm.

Remove Data Row