The ClearBlade Platform is a RESTful application, which can be administrated with either:


Full documentation can be found in the GitHub repo:

Serialization of IoT System

The CLI allows a developer to interact with a ClearBlade System from a terminal, and transfer serialized assets into your local file system for

  • Developer IoT Systems locally
  • Run code services from terminal
  • Send MQTT messages from terminal
  • Version Control
  • Continuous Integration / Continuous Development

  • Promotion of Builds across Environments


Terminology is reused from git with regards to push / pull

See ‘Workflow’ for diagrams

System Management

These commands move entire systems

Export - Export from the ClearBlade Platform to local. A new folder is created on local machine.

Import - Import from local to the ClearBlade Platform. Note: This creates a new system in the platform

Asset Management

These commands move assets within a system, such as a code service

Pull - Pull one or more assets from the ClearBlade Platform to local

Push - Push one or more assets from local to the ClearBlade platform


Built-in MQTT Client for publishing and subscribing via MQTT

cb-cli test -topic=t -payload=p


Figure 1. When a system is exported from the platform, a folder is created locally.

Figure 2. A new system can be created by importing a file from your local folder.

ra Figure 3. You can pull system assets from a platform and move it to local. You can also push system assets from local to the platform. Folders can also be edited locally.